Will I notice a difference in the water?

In the Town of Bonnyville you should notice an improved quality of the water, especially in the summer. The new source (Cold Lake) is a significant improvement in quality over Moose Lake where it is common to have Blue-green algae blooms (Cyanobacteria) in the summer. Cold Lake water is treated through membrane filtration versus the Moose lake water which is treated with chemical addition and filter media. There will be an improvement in taste, odour and colour.

With the new extension of the regional water system which will reach the Town of Bonnyville at the furthest end, it is estimated that the travel times for drinking water between the Water Treatment Plant and Bonnyville will be significantly large. To reduce and manage the formation of disinfection by-product (DBPs) associated with higher water age, a secondary disinfection by Chloramination will be performed at the Transfer Station.  The communities at the Town of Bonnyville and the MD may experience minor changes in taste & odour due to Chloramination.

(Note: Specific sectors of the public, pet fish owners and dialysis patients need to be aware of Chloramination)

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4. Will I notice a difference in the water?
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