UPDATED When will the project be completed?

The Project is now substantially complete with only final cleaning, swabbing and disinfection of the line left.  Final regulatory approval is ongoing, and we expect everything to be in place for a change over to Cold Lake water to happen the week of November 30, 2020. 

Due to Regulatory approval requirements, the award of the project was delayed by about three months.  Accordingly, project completion schedules including the delivery of some critical components for the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) were affected.  To accommodate these unanticipated changes the project schedule previously planned needed extension. 

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1. UPDATED When will the project be completed?
2. When can we expect to have water flowing through the line to Ardmore, Fort Kent and Bonnyville?
3. What is the total cost of the project and how is it being funded?
4. Will I notice a difference in the water?
5. Why is Chloramine disinfection used?
6. We understand that some liens have been filed on some properties in the M.D. of Bonnyville against the project, how does this affect the landowners?
7. How many residents are getting connections on the new transmission line?
8. Can I get a direct connection from this line?
9. What is a Chloramine disinfection and What are Chloramines?
10. What are Trihalomethanes (TTHM’s)?
11. Is Chloraminated water safe to use?
12. Is Chloraminated water safe for my plastic or copper pipes?
13. What is the Updated total cost of the project and how is it being funded?