Rodents & Other Pests


Alberta Rat Control Program

Being a municipality that borders another province, the Municipal District of Bonnyville participates in the Alberta Rat Control Program that is intended to prevent the introduction and establishment of Norway Rats and rabies disease.

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Rat Control

Farm inspections are carried out at all farm sites and acreages within first range adjacent to the Saskatchewan border to detect and control any rat infestations that may occur as rats attempt to cross over into Alberta. Bait is provided to residents living in this area to assist in preventing the establishment of rats on their property.

Rabies Control

With respect to rabies control, any suspect animal may be destroyed, and the head submitted to Health Canada for diagnosis of the disease. If a positive case is confirmed, a general depopulation of skunks may be conducted in the area where the confirmed case originated. The M.D. is part of the Rabies Testing Program for the Province of Alberta. For the last three years (2018-2020) the M.D. has submitted skunk heads to the provinces for testing.  

Richardson’s Ground Squirrels and Northern Pocket Gopher

The M.D. rents out mole and squirrel traps. Phone the office at 780-826-3951 for more info or to rent a trap. 

There are several control options available to M.D. residents for the control of Richardson ground squirrels (Gophers). 

Cultural Control - leave vegetation long do not overgraze pastures. Deep tillage can destroy their old burrow systems.  

Chemical – 2% Liquid strychnine is very effective and the most widely used to control large populations. The municipal district's Agricultural Services Department, as a certified government agent, sells strychnine bait products to farmers. The program runs in the spring when population control methods are most effective. Please check back here in the spring for further information and a downloadable Strychnine Purchase Form. The last year for 2% Liquid strychnine sales will be March 4, 2022 because Health Canada has re-evaluated it and cancelled the use of Strychnine. The M.D. also has RoCon for the control of Richardson Ground squirrels, but this process is very labor intensive.


The M.D. of Bonnyville can provide guidance and information on muskrats. Phone the office at 780-826-3951.


The M.D. of Bonnyville has rental magpie traps. Phone the office at 780-826-3951 for more info or to rent a trap. Click here for more information on Magpies.


The M.D. has live traps. Phone the office at 780-826-3951 for more info or to rent a trap. For information on how to control porcupine damage, click here.


The M.D. of Bonnyville has rental skunk traps. Phone the office at 780-826-3951 for more info or to rent a trap. To learn more about the biology of skunks and how to control them, click here.

Click here for information on how to set a skunk trap. After the trap is set we usually use cat food as bait behind the pan of the trap. Other baits that can be used are dog food, canned sardines, eggs, canned tuna, crisp bacon, chicken entails, fresh insect larvae, marshmallows, and bread with peanut butter.  

Watch this video of how to set the live trap and how to release the skunk.