Truck and Equipment Contractor List

Truck and Equipment Hiring Inventory Submission

The Municipal District of Bonnyville is creating a list of available trucks, heavy equipment and other equipment to be used when selecting contract equipment for hire as and when needed for delivery of construction and maintenance services.

The Department of Transportation and Utilities will maintain a list of available equipment/trucks which will be updated and renewed on an annual basis.

Please note: Policy 4A.015 is under review, the following changes will be adopted into this policy.

(1) Certification of Recognition (CoR)

(a) To be eligible to perform work on a M.D. worksite a contractor must be pre-qualified using the Contractor Health and Safety Pre-Qualification Evaluation and hold a Certificate of Recognition (CoR) governed through Alberta Partnerships in Injuries Reduction (PIR) or equivalent certification acceptable by the PIR Program. Contractors may be eligible to perform work for the MD without a CoR or equivalence if all the conditions are met:

(i) The affected General Manager approves the variance.

(ii) All work is directed by an Employer that holds a valid CoR or CoR equivalence that is appropriate for the type of work.

(iii) The CoR holders implemented safety management system mitigates all additional hazards and associated risks with adopting the Contractor into the system.

(iv) The Contractor has been trained in all relevant aspects in the CoR holders Health and Safety Program.

(v) The Contractor agrees to comply with all CoR holder policy, directives, procedures, practices and all other related standards and legislation that governs their work.

(2) Insurance

(a) All equipment will be operated in a safe and professional manner. The Occupational Health and Safety Act and the M.D.’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy will be used as guidelines.

(b) Adequate liability insurance Minimum limit of $2.0 million and Workers' Compensation Board Coverage must be provided to Infrastructure Services personnel prior to the commencement of work.

To be added to the list, please complete the form located here and submit to Transportation and Utilities office via mail at 4905-50 Ave. Bonnyville, AB, T9N 2J7 or via email at

For more information, please call 780-826-3951. To read the policy, click here.