3 - Planning and Community Services

A. Planning and Development

3A.005 Specialized Fencing Policy – Establishes guidelines for the construction of fences for the confinement of exotic animals for game farming.

3A.006 Historical Site Recognition and Dedication Policy – Establishes guidelines for providing one-time assistance to M.D. rural communities wanting to recognize and preserve sites of significant historical value.

3A.008 Signage on or Adjacent to Municipal Roads Policy – Ensures roadside signage in the Municipal District of Bonnyville is placed in a way as to not interfere with traffic, public safety, or road maintenance.

3A.009 Antenna System Siting Policy – Provides consistent and predictable antenna system siting and consultation protocols while ensuring responsible development and reduction in land use conflicts.

3A.010 Retention of Land Files Policy – Establishes guidelines for the preservation of land files to retain historical and current data for life.

3A.014 Subdivision Policy Establishes the process and guidelines for Subdivision and Bare Land Condominium Plan applications within the M.D.

3A.015 Land Acquisition Policy – Defines the process followed for land acquisition within the M.D. and establishes the responsibilities of applicants and those reviewing the applications.

B. Parks and Recreational Services

3B.003 M.D. Recreational Facilities Policy – Defines the user fees for municipally-owned recreational facilities and the procedures in place that assist in providing safe recreational environments.

3B.013 Trail Development Standards Policy – Provides the standards and guidelines for regarding trail construction and maintenance.

C. Community Association Support

3C.002 M.D. Role in Community Facilities Policy – Outlines the support the M.D. will provide to community-owned recreational facilities.

3C.004 Community Association Insurance Policy – Ensures uniform and cost-effective insurance for qualifying community recreation associations and agricultural societies named an additional named insured under the M.D. insurance policy.

3C.011 Community Association Operating and Capital Grant Policy – Establishes guidelines and procedures regarding annual funding of approved community associations and societies.

3C.012 Community Action Grant Policy – Establishes guidelines and procedures regarding Community Action Grant funding of non-profit community associations and organizations.