3 - Planning and Community Services

A. Planning and Development

3A.001 Land Use Bylaw Enforcement Policy – Establishes direction for enforcing the municipal Land Use Bylaw, which guides the orderly development and use of municipal land.

3A.005 Specialized Fencing Policy – Establishes guidelines for the construction of fences for the confinement of exotic animals for game farming.

3A.006 Historical Site Recognition and Dedication Policy – Establishes guidelines for providing one-time assistance to M.D. rural communities wanting to recognize and preserve sites of significant historical value.

3A.007 Municipal Road Approach Policy – Establishes standards for the construction and planning of approaches to access municipal roads.

3A.008 Signage on or Adjacent to Municipal Roads Policy – Ensures roadside signage in the Municipal District of Bonnyville is placed in a way as to not interfere with traffic, public safety, or road maintenance.

3A.009 Antenna System Siting Policy – Provides consistent and predictable antenna system siting and consultation protocols while ensuring responsible development and reduction in land use conflicts.

3A.010 Retention of Land Files Policy – Establishes guidelines for the preservation of land files to retain historical and current data for life.

B. Parks and Recreational Services

3B.003 M.D. Recreational Facilities Policy – Defines the user fees for municipally-owned recreational facilities and the procedures in place that assist in providing safe recreational environments.

3B.013 Trail Development Standards Policy – Provides the standards and guidelines for regarding trail construction and maintenance.

C. Community Association Support

3C.002 M.D. Role in Community Facilities Policy – Outlines the support the M.D. will provide to community-owned recreational facilities.

3C.004 Community Association Insurance Policy – Ensures uniform and cost-effective insurance for qualifying community recreation associations and agricultural societies named an additional named insured under the M.D. insurance policy.

3C.011 Community Association Operating and Capital Grant Policy – Establishes guidelines and procedures regarding annual funding of approved community associations and societies.

3C.012 Community Action Grant Policy – Establishes guidelines and procedures regarding Community Action Grant funding of non-profit community associations and organizations.