2 - General Government and Administrative Services

A. Governance

2A.002 Expenditures not Included in Budget Policy – Outlines the process for authorizing expenditures not included in the municipality’s annual operating or capital budgets.

2A.003 Donations and Recognitions Policy – Establishes guidelines for evaluating requests received for donations to organizations, special events, individuals, and sporting groups.

2A.005 Motor Vehicle Use Policy – Establishes the procedures for the use of motor vehicles owned or leased by the M.D.

2A.008(1) Personal Protective Equipment Policy – Safety Boots – Provides reimbursement guidelines and procedures for municipal staff requiring safety footwear.

2A.008(2) Personal Protective Equipment Policy – Coveralls – Provides reimbursement guidelines and procedures for municipal staff requiring coveralls.

2A.009 Municipal Lands Policy – Ensures municipal property that is not required is sold or leased in a fair and consistent manner.

2A.014 Systems and Data Security Policy – Establishes guidelines to ensure the protection of M.D. equipment and internal data security.

2A.017 Municipal Representation at Fundraising Functions for Registered Parties, Registered Constituency Associations or Registered Candidates Policy – Establishes guidelines to ensure M.D. employees and elected offices are in compliance with the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act as they represent the municipality in external political fundraising functions.

2A.020 Social Media Policy – Provides guidelines for acceptable interaction and conduct on social media sites and establishes the authority structure for decisions.

2A.022 Election Campaigns Policy – Establishes guidelines for municipal candidates respecting the use of M.D. resources for election-related purposes.

2A.024 Citizen Engagement Policy – Ensures citizens and stakeholders are informed and engaged in relation to decisions made related to the Municipal District of Bonnyville, when appropriate.

2A.026 Municipal Policy and Procedures Policy – Confirms purpose and authority for policies and procedures, as well as their development and review procedures.

2A.028 Occupational Health and Safety Policy – Establishes the roles and responsibilities of management, supervisors, workers, and contractors of the municipality to ensure the health and safety at M.D. sites.

2A.029 M.D. Business Registry Program Policy – Establishes the guidelines for Administration to manage and administer the voluntary M.D. Business Registry Program.

2A.030 Energy Management Policy – Establishes the guidelines for the municipality to effectively manage its necessary energy consumption and reduce associated costs.

2A.031 Insurance Requirements for Leased Property Policy Establishes guidelines for minimum insurance requirements for leaseholders of M.D. property.

B. Finance

2B.010 Internet Banking Policy – Outlines the processes in place regarding the use of internet banking for municipal purposes.

2B.011 Debit and Credit Card Refunds Policy – Outlines the procedure for refunding money received electronically by a debit and credit card.

2B.012 Procurement Policy – Establishes guidelines for the control of procurement and purchases made under the authority of Council and outlines signing authorities within each department.

2B.013 Tangible Capital Assets Policy – Provides financial definition of a tangible capital asset within the M.D. and sets internal guidelines on the capitalization thresholds and amortization methods.

2B.018 Investments Policy – Governs the management of M.D. surplus funds and investment portfolios.

2B.021 Cash Handling Policy – Establishes procedures to ensure funds collected at all M.D. locations are handled and stored in a proper and safe manner.

2B.025 Reimbursement and Expense Claims Policy – Outlines remuneration and reimbursement levels for municipal staff for reasonable expenses incurred while conducting municipal business.

C. Human Resources

2C.001 Injury on the Job Policy – Full-Time & Part-Time – Establishes the procedures pertaining to employee remuneration when they are injured while performing their regular duties.

2C.004 Performance Review Policy – Provides guidelines to ensure a fair, supporting, and mutually agreeable performance review of employees on a regular basis.

2C.005 Employee Compensation Policy – Provides a structured remuneration program for M.D. employees based on performance and evaluations.

2C.006 Personnel Files Policy – Establishes the guidelines and procedures to ensure the protection of employee personal information.

2C.007 Personnel Policy – Provides for transparency and accountability regarding the municipality’s approach to human resource management and various situations.

2C.015 Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy – Establishes expectations for appropriate behavior, consequences for non-compliance, and provides consistent guidelines for all M.D. employees regarding drug, alcohol and substance abuse.

2C.016 Workplace Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy – Helps to ensure a working environment within the M.D. free from harassment, sexual harassment, and workplace violence.

2C.023 Local Authorities Pension Plan Policy – Provides guidelines for staff enrollment with the Local Authorities Pension Plan and applicable exclusions.

2C.027 Driver Abstract Policy – Provides guidelines for obtaining current Driver Abstracts for employees that operate vehicles for work purposes.