1 - Council

1.001 Council Meeting Attire Policy – Outlines the M.D.’s expectations regarding Council and staff attire at Council meetings.

1.002 Council Appointments to Boards and Committees Policy – Provides guidelines for the appointment, authority, and attendance of people appointed to committees and boards by Council.

1.003 Councillor, Committee and Board Member Meeting Attendance Policy – Provides meeting attendance guidelines for Council and Council-appointed members of committees and boards.

1.005 Seniors Transportation Grant Policy – Establishes guidelines for the M.D. Seniors Transportation Grant, a program that provides financial assistance to M.D. senior citizen residents required to travel for medical purposes.

1.006 Financial Assistance for Victims of Fire Policy – Establishes guidelines for financially assisting M.D. families that have suffered substantial loss due to a fire within their residence dwelling.

1.007 Cemeteries Policy – Establishes guidelines regarding cemetery ownership and maintenance within the municipality.

1.008 Council Members Code of Conduct Policy – Establishes a set of principles and behavioural standards for Council that allows them to fulfill their duties in a professional and businesslike manner.

1.009 Council Social Media Use Policy – Provides guidelines for Council’s interaction and conduct on social media sites as representatives of the M.D.

1.010 Councillor, Committee and Board Member Remuneration Policy – Outlines remuneration and reimbursement levels for Council and Council-appointed members of committees and boards.

1.011 Property Tax Penalty Cancellation Policy – Establishes a uniform and consistent approach for Council to address property tax penalty payment cancellation requests within the M.D.

1.012 Council Correspondence Policy Establishes the proper handling and tracking of all correspondence directed to or from the M.D. Reeve and Council.