Snowplow/Grader Flags

M.D. residents can purchase flags to have snow removed from their driveways in the winter, or have gravel smoothed out in the summer.
The cost per flag is $45, and entitles the bearer to 15 minutes of plow/grader work. Please click on the link below to purchase your online flag.

Please note — a maximum of two flags can be used during a visit, for a maximum of 30 minutes of work. If more work is required, the landowner will be charged at current Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association Rates, as per 4A.006 Grading of Driveways Policy.

Buy snowplow or grader flags online
Please see the listing below for where to pick up a flag.

Flag Depots

Ardmore M&M Mini Mart 780-826-5232
Bonnyville M.D. Admin Office 780-826-3171
Bonnyville M.D. Public Works 780-826-3951
Cold Lake Esso Car Wash 780-594-3055
Iron River Iron River General Store 780-826-5612
Hwy 55 & 892 Northern Lights Truck Stop 780-826-5348

Hardship Snow Removal Program

 In accordance with Policy No. 30.32.10, rural residents of the Municipal District of Bonnyville experiencing a life hardship (as defined below) can access the Hardship Snow Removal Program.
A life hardship is:
  1. A circumstance or life condition that renders a rural resident(s) unable to perform snow removal at their place of residence.
  2. The snow removal is essential to enable the resident(s) to access a minimum of one (1) thoroughfare to or from the residence.
  3. The essential snow removal outlined in Condition 2 of this definition is required for the day-to-day living of the resident(s).
The resident must sign the waiver in person. Friends or family members will not be permitted to sign unless there is proof of Power of Attorney. The waiver expires on April 30th of each spring and will need to be resigned annually. 

The resident may contact the Transportation & Utilities Department for snowplowing of their driveway for no fee. The Transportation & Utilities Department asks that residents use discretion when calling for service, as snow less than two inches deep would likely not cause their residence to become inaccessible.

The snowplow will provide the resident with one (1) pass enabling access to their home or garage from the road. 
The hardships will be completed when all municipal roadways have been cleared. Our goal is to have hardships cleared within 48 hours after receiving a request for snow removal.

For more information please call the M.D. of Bonnyville Transportation & Utilities Department at 780-826-3951