Iron Horse Trail

Brief History

Alberta's Iron Horse Trail is a 300 km continuous recreation corridor running through northeast Alberta which supports multi-users and is open year round. The Municipal District of Bonnyville is fortunate to have the trail wind across the entire municipality, entering near the Hamlet of Therien on the west side and continuing right through to the provincial border near Cold Lake.

When Canadian National Railway Company (CN) abandoned their rail service in 1999, a group of dedicated visionaries negotiated with CN and successfully acquired the right-of-way.


Alberta's Iron Horse Trail officially opened in June of 2003 and is now part of the Trans Canada Trail and the Trans Canadian Snowmobile Trail systems.


Whether you are interested in a one-day family trek or a week-long adventure with friends, we invite you to use the Iron Horse Trail. For detailed information on the trail, including maps, visit the official website.