Fishing Lore

Lake Trout

The end of June is prime Lake Trout season on Cold Lake as, the fish are near the surface and quite aggressive. The provincial record catch for Lake Trout was established in 1929 when a 23.9 kg specimen was pulled from Cold Lake. When fishing for Lake Trout in the spring, run your lure shallow with a long lead of line.

When active, Lake Trout prefer flashy lures with lots of movement such as; wigglers, Len Thompson series lures, white or chartreuse buck tail jigs and Gang Troll riggings. In summer Lake Trout go a little deeper at 30 to 80 feet. Use the same hooks on down rigging or salmon rigging equipment. In the winter it helps to know where some of the shoals are (take a local with you or a topographic map).

Ideally, you will be looking for 40 to 80 feet of water. Use large white marabou jigs or similar lures from both the Uncle Jim and Len Thompson series. Equipment you need for spring and summer Lake Trout fishing includes: fish finder, stout eight foot rods, level wind reels with up to 20 pound test, and clear leaders.


Also known as Freshwater Cod or Ling, Burbot are considered one of the tastiest catches around. Fondly referred to as the "lobster of the north" by locals, Burbot's flavour is comparable to the pricey crustacean when boiled in water and dipped in garlic butter. Most lakes in the Bonnyville / Cold Lake region are home to Burbot, however, Marie Lake and Cold Lake have reputations for the big catch.

Northern Pike

The feisty Northern Pike is a staple throughout northeast Alberta, especially tasty from Cold Lake due to the cool water temperature.

Yellow Perch

The ideal game fish for beginners and youngsters, Yellow Perch can be found throughout the region. Moose Lake and Cold Lake are two of the better hot spots, with Cold Lake often registering catches in the two pound range.

Rainbow Trout

Little Bear Lake is the only water body in the region that is stocked annually with Rainbow Trout. Many of the stocked fish survive the winter and over the past two years anglers have been regularly catching four to six pound specimens.


Perhaps the most sought after sport fish in Alberta, Walleye stocks vary from lake to lake within the region. Marie Lake has long been regarded as the best bet for hooking a good sized Walleye.

Lake Whitefish

This deep water sport fish is the mainstay of the winter sport fishery in the region.