Road Use Agreements


In order to accommodate industrial and commercial road users in our municipality, while at the same time protecting our road infrastructure, the council for Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87 has implemented policies concerning road bans and road maintenance agreements.

The purpose is to provide industrial and commercial road users with a guide to Municipal District of Bonnyville’s current policy to ensure that the requirements for use of the municipal road network are fully understood.

Applications for Road Use Agreements can be found here.

Road Maintenance

In addition, the council has adopted bylaws to ensure compliance with their policies, and has developed road maintenance agreements to facilitate the use and integrity of our roads by industrial and commercial road users.

Road Use Requirements

  • All haul routes must be approved by the Municipal District of Bonnyville prior to being used by industrial / commercial road users.
  • For haul routes requiring the use of municipal roads, other than secondary highways, and market roads, road maintenance agreements must be entered into by the user prior to hauling on the road.
  • The terms of the road maintenance agreement will be determined by the chief administrative officer or his designate subject to such factors as weather, road conditions, type of road used, etc.
  • Any road user in violation of the terms of a road maintenance agreement will have their permission to utilize the road suspended until such time as they comply with the conditions of the agreement to the satisfaction of the Municipal District of Bonnyville.

For full conditions and regulations, click here for the bylaw.