Road Bans

2022 Pilot Project

At the Regular Meeting of Council on March 23, 2022, M.D. Council passed a motion to implement a pilot program for 2022 whereby no road bans will be placed on roads under the M.D.’s care and control within the boundaries of the Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87. This one-year pilot project recognizes the challenges faced by industry to carry on operations during times of the year when road conditions are less than ideal.

This pilot project will allow industry (oil & gas, logging, heavy transport) to operate with no loading restrictions in 2022.

However, all industry partners will be required to enter into a Road Use Agreement outlining the terms of road use within the municipality. The M.D. reserves the right to specify routes of travel designated for operations based on the M.D.’s opinion of suitable roads. The Road Use Agreement will also bind the Agreement holder to be responsible for the repairs of any roadway(s) damaged in the process of carrying out the Agreement holder’s operations. Click here to apply for a Road Use Agreement.

Please note — this does not constitute an open invitation to utilize any M.D. roadway. The M.D. will work closely with organizations to determine the optimum route(s), while protecting municipal infrastructure. 

The pilot project does not extend to any roads under the jurisdiction of the Province of Alberta. Primary and secondary highways will still be subject to provincial road use regulations. 

The M.D. will maintain this pilot program for a period of one year. An assessment of the effectiveness of the program will be conducted before implementing any permanent policy changes. 

The M.D. looks forward to your cooperation in this pilot program. 

The Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87, being the road authority, may at its sole discretion alter haul routes assigned at any given time due to road deterioration.

For more information on Road Use Agreements, click here or call 780-826-3951.