Permit Process


The Municipal District of Bonnyville requires permits to initiate developments, build, and conduct electrical, plumbing, gas, or private sewage systems. To develop a better understanding of how and why the municipal district requires permits, please download and view our brochure. 

Permit Timelines

Type of PermitAverage Time for ApprovalAssociated Fees
Building PermitFour - 15 daysVaries - See the Fee Schedule
Business LicenseNot required
Development PermitPermitted -  seven to 10 days
Discretionary - 28-40 days
Residential - $125-$175
Non-Residential - $250-$300
Occupancy PermitTwo to seven daysNo Charge
Plan AmendmentDependant on Council approval$1,000
Re-Zoning ApplicationDependant on Council approval$1,000
Subdivision Application50-65 days for approval letter$300, plus $100 per lot

PLEASE NOTE: No new residential building permits will be issued by the municipality until builders acquire a New Home Warranty. As of February 1, 2014, every new home built in Alberta requires a New Home Warranty under Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act. Read FAQs about this new act from Municipal Affairs. 

All of the municipal district permit application forms are listed below. These forms are in PDF format and include interactive fields. To use the interactive fields, simply click the appropriate form, fill in the required fields, and then print. 

Submission Options 
Email (Payment options can be discussed by phone) 
Deliver or Mail to (with appropriate payment): 

Municipal District of Bonnyville Administration Office 
Bag 1010 
4905 50th Avenue 
Bonnyville, AB T9N 2J7 

If you are having problems utilizing these online applications, please contact the Planning Department at 780-826-3171. 

Development Permit 

Before any new project can begin within the Municipal District of Bonnyville, a Development Permit must be issued by the municipality's Planning and Development Department. 

Issuance of this permit is not a foregone conclusion. Properties within the municipal district have a specific zoning based on the municipality's Land Use Bylaw. By applying for a Development Permit you are asking municipal district staff to research your property's zoning and determine whether or not your project is a permitted use. 

Steps & Fees 
To learn the steps and fees associated with developing in the municipal district, please view our Understanding the Permit Process Brochure