Choosing the M.D. of Bonnyville

There are numerous reasons why businesses, investors, and residents choose the M.D. of Bonnyville.

Our region is rich in land resources, has low business costs, and is home to innovation. We have post-secondary education opportunities, applied research facilities, and a variety of industries to get involved with.

Land Resources 

There is a wide choice of highly accessible and reasonably priced retail, commercial, and industrial land available. When you choose to invest in the M.D. of Bonnyville, our lower tax system and land costs help you better manage your overall business costs. Depending on size and location of the market within the region, the cost per acre of land starts at $10,000/acre (unserviced) and $90,000/acre (serviced). 

For more information on land prices, call the Economic Development Specialist at 780-826-3171 or email

Why Investors Choose Us 

The M.D. of Bonnyville region encompasses 13,010 sq. kilometres and is approximately two percent of the area of the province of Alberta. 

Billions of dollars have been invested in the oil and gas industry in the M.D. due to the fact the region is located on the second largest oil and gas reserve in Alberta, and part of the fourth largest (Alberta) in the world behind Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. 

The M.D. has a diverse agricultural sector focused on cattle, grain crops, and bison – with opportunity to specialize, diversify, and process. 

The M.D. has over 500,000 cultivated acres, which is four percent of Alberta’s total cultivated acres. 

The Municipal District of Bonnyville offers land for industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential development. 

Low Business Costs 

Alberta has one of the most competitive tax environments in North America, and the lowest in all of Canada. The combined federal/provincial corporate income tax rate in Alberta is 23% (15% federal and eight percent provincial – July 1, 2020) for businesses with revenues over $500,000. The low provincial tax is accompanied by business attraction incentives. In Alberta, the combined federal/provincial corporate income tax rates are up to eight percent lower when compared to many states in the U.S. 

Why Investors Choose Us 

  • Alberta HUB has the lowest overall tax system in Canada (as of July 1, 2020) 
  • No provincial sales tax 
  • No capital or payroll taxes 
  • Competitive corporate tax rate of 23% (combined federal/provincial) for general business and 11% (combined) for small business (July 1, 2020). Small Business tax rate for threshold of $500,000 (CAD). 

Sources: Province of Alberta and Government of Canada. 

Applied Research 

Alberta Innovates/Innotech Alberta 
Alberta Innovates is a catalyst for innovation. Through our subsidiary, InnoTech Alberta, investors and business have the opportunity to be at the forefront of research and innovation that leads to economic diversification, enhanced environmental performance, and social well-being within the province of Alberta. Innovations include a new approach to plant breeding to improve barley yields and Integrated Manure Utilization System (MUS) with Highmark Renewables. 

Funding exists through post-secondary investment programs that offer a broad range of support to researchers at all stages of their careers, from graduate students to the world’s top researchers. 

Lakeland Agriculture Research Association (LARA) 
LARA is an applied agricultural research association that serves the M.D., County of St. Paul, Smoky Lake County, and Lac La Biche County. LARA is a member of the Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA). LARA's goal is to conduct applied research, demonstrations and extension programs that provide valuable unbiased information to local producers. 

Portage College 
Portage College secured designation by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to conduct applied scientific research focused on environmental, scientific and engineering-based studies. 

The College boasts three centres of applied research:

  • Water Treatment Centre, a potable water and wastewater simulation lab used to train operators
  • The Pipeline Training Centre features a 132-acre controlled release training (CRT) site that includes a mock camp for students, a fully operational control centre and an educational closed-loop pipeline
  • The Food Sciences Centre that provides comprehensive food services training for students and creates food innovation opportunities for entrepreneurs and new start-ups. 

Top Industries 

Oil & Gas 
The M.D. of Bonnyville is located on one of the largest oil and gas reserves in Alberta. The region covers the entire Cold Lake Oil Sands area as well as overlapping into the southern part of the Athabasca Oil Sands. Steam Assisted Gravity Drain (SAGD) technology has been developed to enhance the ability to recover oil in region. 

Numerous opportunities exist for research and development in the oil/gas sector addressing environmental issues. 

Tourism Industry 

Tourism & Recreation 
The M.D. of Bonnyville has outstanding tourism opportunities from countless parks and lakes to explore to a deep-rooted cultural history that enlightens all ages. Come explore what the MD of Bonnyville has to offer!

Tourism assets in the M.D. of Bonnyville include over 80 named lakes, including Alberta’s sixth largest lakes and seven percent of Alberta’s white sand beaches. Numerous business opportunities wait for tourism investors including outdoor adventures, aboriginal tourism, agri-food tourism, and organized tours. 

The M.D. of Bonnyville operates 12 municipal campgrounds on nine lakes. The campgrounds can be booked online. The M.D. of Bonnyville also operates Kinosoo Ridge Resort a ski hill, an aerial adventure park, and restaurant on the shores of Cold Lake.

Agri-Food Tourism 
The M.D. has agri-food tourism opportunities for residents, visitors, and investors alike. From emerging farm-to-fork experiences to traditional farmers' markets and the exploding craft beer industry, there is something for everyone. 

There are investment opportunities at all stages of the value chain – agriculture, food and beverage producers, foodservice, and operators – who all work closely together to create memorable, authentic experiences. Opportunities range from Food Processing and Culinary Tourism to Smart Agriculture and Culinary Trail Tours. According to the Government of Alberta, 91% of Albertans participated in farm-to-fork tourism activities. 

Find out more about the regional producers from the Northeast Alberta Food Marketers Association.

The municipality is also a sponsor of the provincially-organized Open Farm Days held in August every year.

Aerospace, Technology, Defence & UMS

The Alberta HUB region is uniquely positioned to explore opportunities with the  Aerospace Technology, Defence, and Unmanned Systems industries (ATDUS) to both facilitate the economic diversification of the region and expand the ATDUS sector. A driving motivation is the location of the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Cold Lake 4 Wing within the region, one of four military bases operating in Alberta, and alignment to several Government of Canada defence priorities. 

Industry Services

Aboriginal Environmental Services Network (AESN) brings together information on Indigenous involvement in the Environmental Services sector. AESN was established to fulfill a need for skilled people, available locally, to conduct environmental monitoring, wildlife surveys, traditional land use studies, vegetation management, climate change adaptation activities, and reclamation. 

AgPal is geared to the agriculture or agri-business industry and provides information on government programs and services that can help you start, manage, and grow your business. 

Alberta Innovates creates opportunity for research and innovation that leads to economic diversification, enhanced environmental performance and social well-being. Innovators, businesses and researchers can now easily tap into our collective assets – cross sectoral knowledge and expertise, funding, networks and research facilities. 

Farm Management Canada provides you with tools, information and resources to assist in your farm business management planning. 

The Food Sciences Centre located at Portage College in St. Paul, is a product development facility designed to strengthen and expand the capability of small-scale food processors by taking them through the product development process using the latest technologies and expert advice. 

Site Selector  

Alberta HUB, the regional economic development alliance of Northeast Alberta, has been named as one of the top 20 “Canada’s Best Locations” by Site Selection Magazine. Be on the right side of growth by investing in a winning region. Review our Site Selector – Region Quick Facts to address your main site selection criteria for the Alberta HUB region including: 

Competitive Advantages: 

  • Demographics 
  • Labour Market 
  • Building Permits 
  • Available Land 
  • Transportation 
  • Tax Rates 
  • Industry Sectors 

Having the right site selection tools to assess and select an investment is critical. Alberta HUB understands that time and money is valuable, so as such, they have provided some preliminary information and tools to get you started. They encourage you to contact them for further details and get your business planning on the right foot. 


Business Support Services 
There are several support organizations and resources available to you to personally guide you through starting and successful operating a business within the Alberta HUB region. 

Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Inc. 
BizPal - Business Permit & License Information
Alberta Chambers of CommerceBusiness Link
Alberta Women EntrepreneursConseil de développement économique de l'Alberta
Community Futures LakelandFuturpreneur
Alberta Innovates 
Prairies Economic Development Canada 

Government Services 
The Northeast Alberta Information HUB (AKA Alberta HUB) is a well-connected resource for investors looking for more details on the region or looking to connect to a strong support network. Contact them at 780-645-1155. 

Alberta Small Business Resources

Ministry of Jobs, Economy, and Innovation