Weed Control


The Municipal District of Bonnyville's Agricultural Services Department is dedicated to reducing the establishment and spread of prohibited noxious and noxious weed as designated by the Weed Control Act. The M.D. uses an integrated management approach to manage vegetation along the rights-of-way. Management tools include spraying, mowing, hand pulling, and biological controls. 

Weed Control Agreements

To cooperate with our local farmers and ranchers who run herbicide-free operations, the M.D. regularly enters into Weed Control Agreements. Under the terms of the agreement, landowners will claim responsibility for weed control on rights-of-way adjacent to their property while the municipal district will exclude the location from their regular spray programs.

Weed Inspections and Roadside Spraying

Weed inspections are regularly conducted on oilfield sites, pipeline rights-of-way, industrial sites, and on private land to identify and control all infestations of hard-to-kill noxious and prohibited noxious weeds. This is done by educating and working with the landowner on the course of action to eradicate or stop the spread.  The M.D. also has a roadside spraying program Click here for the policy to learn more. 


The M.D. of Bonnyville mows all M.D. developed road allowances annually in accordance with 5A.016 Developed Road Allowance Brush and Vegetation Control Policy. This program provides safe sight lines and reduces risk of wildlife interactions. It also provides mechanical control for the spread of weeds and brush.  

Prohibited Noxious & Noxious Weeds

Under the Alberta Weed Control act states Prohibited noxious must be eradicated and noxious weeds must be controlled. 

Click here for the M.D. of Bonnyville's most wanted, including Common Burdock, Perennial Sow Thistle, Yellow Clematis, Yellow toadflax, Meadow Hawkweed, Common Tansy, Canada Thistle, Himalayan balsam, White Cockle, Oxeye Daisy, and Scentless Chamomile.

Weed-Free Forage 

The M.D. has a certified weed-free forage Inspector if any producers would like to certify their forage as weed-free. For more information on the weed-free forage program or to sign up, call the office at 780-826-3951.

More Information

For further information about the municipal district's weed control programs, please email the Agricultural Services Department.