Waste & Recycling

Landfill Information

Looking for operating hours, locations, and what types of materials are accepted? Check out our interactive map. Simply click on the landfill you’re interested in, and it will take you to an informative page with all you need to know.


Throughout the year, the M.D.’s Facebook page is taken over by our Waste Management Supervisor for #WasteWednesday. On Wednesdays, we publish new information about recycling and waste collection in the M.D., new trends up and coming in Alberta, and how you can help us keep our M.D. clean.

Click here to read our #WasteWednesday blog.

Transfer Stations for Waste & Recycling

The Municipal District provides residents with access to seven transfer stations along with several smaller community bin sites for household waste (PDF).

Here are our Waste Supervisor's Top Ten Tips For A Smoother Trip To The Landfill.

In addition, household garbage pick up service is provided to residents in the Hamlets of Ardmore and Fort Kent, and the subdivisions of Emerald Estates, Country Lane Estates and Country Side Estates.

Please note that transfer stations are closed on all standard holidays.

Door-To-Door Pick Up Information

Residents in Ardmore and Fort Kent and the subdivisions of Emerald Estates, Country Lane Estates and Country Side Estates have the black cart system in their neighbourhoods.

You can have updates on delays and schedule changes sent straight to your phone. Click here to sign up for the alerts.

View more information on the black cart program (PDF).

black cart

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Did you know the M.D. has an extensive recycling program? Click on the pamphlet to see what you can recycle, and where!

There are also outside recycling programs, such as Recycle My Cell. If you've upgraded to a new cell phone and have no use for your old one - recycle it!

In Bonnyville, drop off your old device at Telephone Connections or The Source.

In Cold Lake, you can take your old phone to Communications Cold Lake or the Source.

For more on this program, visit the Recycle website.

Recycling Brochure photo

Grain Bag Recycling

Calling all grain producers.

Do you use grain bags? Do you wish there was a better, more environmentally friendly way of getting rid of them? Well the M.D.'s Agriculture and Waste Department has what you're looking for.

This spring, staff from Ag and Waste will be making appointments to bring our brand-new grain bag roller to you. And there's more good news – it's free.

What is a grain bag roller? It's a machine that will take those long pieces of plastic that used to cover and protect your grain in the field, and roll them up into nice, neat rolls. We'll come to your farm or field, roll up the plastic, and take it away.

The rolls will then be shipped to Southern Alberta, where they will be recycled into plastic pellets. In turn, the pellets will be made into any number of things, including fence posts, picnic tables, lawn furniture and park benches. The cost of shipping the plastic south will be covered by the recycling fee the M.D. will receive.

"This is another step in eliminating agricultural waste that is currently taking up space in our landfills," said Waste Supervisor, Brad Ollen. "A few years ago, we started recycling plastic twine. We are constantly striving to be environmentally responsible."

If you're interested in setting up an appointment to get your grain bags recycled, call Brad at 780-826-3171.

M.D. Grain Bag Roller

Watch the video below to see how the roller works.