Intermunicipal Development Plans

Cold Lake

The Intermunicipal Development Plan for the City of Cold Lake and the Municipal District of Bonnyville was released February 2009.
The purpose of the plan is to ensure the coordinated and cooperative management of lands adjacent to the boundary of the City of Cold Lake within the M.D. It will further ensure development of these adjacent lands will be efficient and orderly when dealing with urban expansion and other land uses.


In 2016, the Town of Bonnyville and the Municipal District of Bonnyville starting working with Stantec to create an Intermunicipal Development Plan for lands bordering the two municipalities. This joint planning venture will help establish guidelines for future development along the borders, to ensure efficient and mutually beneficial use of those lands.

St. Paul and Lac La Biche

Rural Intermunicipal Development Plans Project

Project Purpose

An Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is a statutory policy document that is designed to foster cooperation and ensure that planning and development across municipal borders takes place in an integrated manner without unnecessary costs or negative impacts on either municipality.  

Funded by the Province of Alberta, the following six municipalities are working collaboratively to achieve to IDPs for all of their shared boundaries:  

  • County of St. Paul
  • Lac La Biche County
  • County of Vermilion River
  • Smoky Lake County
  • County of Two Hills
  • Municipal District of Bonnyville

This collaborative project is about achieving strategic and efficient delivery of intermunicipal services and development. It will fulfill recent updates to the Municipal Government Act that requires all municipalities to have IDPs with adjacent municipalities.

What does an Intermunicipal Development Plan contain?

IDPs map standard land and infrastructure features in the areas around the municipal boundary, known as at the fringe area, including land use, transportation, recreation, water and wastewater, and environmentally significant areas. Along with the mapping, IDP’s typically address processes that relate to planning and developing including:

  • A dispute resolution process that establishes a framework for intermunicipal disputes
  • An amendment process that provides a set of guidelines for how the IDP can be amended
  • A referral process that outlines who gets notified under what circumstances

IDPs can also contain provisions for:

  • Current and future land uses
  • Future development and service infrastructure
  • Shared transportation and roadways
  • Intermunicipal services such as recreation, emergency services etc.

How this affects you?

It’s critical to include the community and affected stakeholders in planning for the future. We need your help to understand the conditions along and nearby the municipal boundary.
The input you provide at the session will help us determine where there may be potential opportunities to achieve an efficient approach for future intermunicipal service options and development.

Community Input

Thank you to all participants who contributed feedback through the stakeholder meetings, open house and online survey. The feedback is helping to inform the creation of the Intermunicipal Development Plans. A summary of the engagement is available here.

Public hearings will be held in fall 2018.

Click the image below for more in-depth information on the project timeline.

Project Timeline

The Intermunicipal Development Plans are currently being drafted and reviewed. They will be presented to Council in the fall and a public hearing will provide a final opportunity for public input.

Contact Information

Jenny Kasprowicz
McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.

M.D. of Bonnyville
Caroline Palmer
780-826-3171 ext. 9251

Smoky Lake County
Jordan Ruegg

County of Vermilion River
Bernice Gonzalez
780-846-2244County of St. Paul

County of St. Paul
Krystle Fedoretz
780-645-3301 ext 205

Lac La Biche County
Dan Small

County of Two Hills
Sally Dary